Group members


Deanne Rogers

Principal Investigator
Research: Planetary geology and remote sensing

Cong Pan

Graduate Student (2010-present)
Research: infrared studies of planetary surfaces; spectroscopy of fine-grained mineral mixtures

Adam Nazarian

Graduate student (2012-present)
Research: infrared studies of high-thermal inertia (rocky) surfaces on Mars

Marcie Yant

Graduate student (2012-present)
Research:laboratory spectral studies of altered Martian synthetic basalts

Michael Thorpe

Graduate student (2013-present)
Research:laboratory spectral studies of sedimentary rocks

Joseph Tamborski

Graduate student (2012-present)
Research: remote sensing of submarine groundwater discharge in Long Island Sound

Elizabeth Sklute

Graduate student (2012-present)
Research: spectral/structural/stability investigations of amorphous Fe-sulfate phases

Former group members

Jerome Varriale

Undergraduate researcher (2012-2013)
Research: Field, laboratory and remote sensing studies of Hawaiian basalts
Now at Utah State University

Jake Gardner

Undergraduate researcher (2012-2013)
Research: infrared studies of Martian impact craters

Craig Hardgrove

(post-doc, 2011-2012), now at Malin Space Science Systems

Kaitlin McIntosh

undergrad researcher (2011-2012)

Kate Scwharting

undergrad researcher (2009-2010)
Now in M.S. program at Stony Brook University

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