Matthew J. Harke

School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences - SUNY


I am a graduate student at Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences pursuing a masters in marine science. My interests are in viral interactions with phytoplankton, benthic ecology, harmful algal blooms and nutrient dynamics of estuarine waters.


My current work involves determining nutrient sources to Lake Agawam, a small hyper-eutrophic lake located in the village of Southampton, NY, and evaluating phytoplankton community responses to nutrient dilutions in order to better determine effective remediation measures.

My research is in part funded by the Tamarind Foundation. My research from 2007 was presented recently at the SCERP 2008 Symposium.


To see what the rest of the lab is doing, please click the following link:

Gobler Lab


Matt Harke