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Welcome to the Koga Research Group!

Our research aims to develop new enviromentally "green" processing to manipulate a variety of polymer surfaces and functionalities.

-What is "Green Processing"?

Public concern about environmental issues is growing and it's important for us to learn more about being “greening”. Especially for the chemical industry, they are under considerable pressure to replace many existing processes by new technology with preferably zero or at least much less generation of chemical waste and impact on the environment as well. One of the keys to establish "green processing" is the use of sustainable solvents; e.g. supercritical fluids (SCFs).

A strange and intriguing state where solids can dissolve in gases and liquids can alternate between reflectivity and transparency


-Our Mission

At temperatures and pressures above the critical point values, a one-component fluid can have densities and solvent properties approaching those of the corresponding liquid. Fluids in this regime are defined as “supercritical fluids” (SCFs). In particular, supercritical carbon dioxide (scCO2) is recognized as an valuable solvent due to its inexpensiveness, low toxicity, and environmental benign, and its easily accessible critical temperature and pressure, as well. In our group, we specially focus on the development of new green process environments for polymer surfaces using scCO2. To achieve a fundamental understanding of "mechanics" (dynamics, kinematics, statics) of molecules or assemblies of molecules and/or supramolecules, we utilize a suite of in-situ and real-time scattering experiments at synchrotron/neutron scattering facilities.

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